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Open for BEEsiness!

My Hubby Made a Bee Motel!

We are recent garden people. I love my herbs and Zach loves his weed pulling. When we bought our home just last year, we were fortunate enough to have two caged in areas — A little aggressive to keep the bunnies out, but they were old dog cages or something.

In the first one, we kept a walking path down the middle and removed every other square foot block for herbs and pepper plants. The back ‘cage’ is for Tomatoes, zucchini, radishes etc — this year we added a small brick path down the middle.

As for any plant, herb, flowers to bloom — there is a common denominator; BEES!

Welcome to the Larson BEE hotel!

What you’ll need:
• Milk or OJ gallon jug, cut down; about 3-4″ high
• Sticks, all different kinds of sizes are just fine!
• Plant Stalk, hollowed (your old veggie/plant dried out and cleared)
• 8 zip ties (or 4 if they are longer)
• Kraft Paper and tape (optional)

Easy Steps in making your own!

  1. Gather sticks and KEEP your dried out old veggie stalks. We left our plants in place all winter and dug them up early April — let them air out.
  2. Cut the stalks down to about 4″ – 5″. Use a tough stick and clean out the insides of the stalks.
  3. Use an old milk or OJ carton as the ‘foundation’. Zach wrapped his in kraft paper with tape all around from the rain.
  4. Pierce holes in the middle of each side on the bottom, place a zip tie all the way through to connect to the fence later.
  5. Stuff the carton full of regular sticks.
  6. Now start to switch out sticks for hollowed out stalks — we had about 25.
  7. Connect another zip tie to your original poking through and loop it through the fence. Clip off extra if desired.
  8. You may have to fill in the container with a few more sticks to keep it really tight.
  9. Voilà! Hotel is open for BEEsiness!
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