1 Year Anniversary

July 27, 2019 arguably one of the best days of my life. I married by best friend. Now, I understand many people say that — and of course I crave ‘girls night’ from time-to-time, but Zach and I are truly one-of-a-kind couple in our own way — and it’s adorable.

Throughout our relationship, I have fallen more in love with Zach. AGAIN, something anyone can say about their significant other! Honestly though, I have witnessed him come out of his shell, try new things, go on adventures… he has gained more confidence and has had much success everywhere he has worked. He is REALLY funny these days too. We laugh 10x more than give each other ‘the look’.

I’m a dreamer, he’s a realist. There have been countless times in my businesses or decision making of various things that Zach will listen, help me talk through it, or gives me his realistic take on it (that usually makes the most sense) to help me ease my stress and anxiety. We balanced each other so so well.

Chatting the other night at our favorite restaurant off of Dingleberry Road…ha – We were talking about this past year and how it feels LONGER than a year, but in a good way. SO MUCH has happened! Zach in school, me heading to Canada 5 times, trips back to Sioux City, opening a shop…to closing a shop — finding sense of Covid and being creative in our ‘at home’ setting, but really nothing changed much – it’s usually just the two of us anyway…but not for long, our biggest event of 1 year… announcing little baby Larson coming mid-October 🙂 <3

Here’s to one year babe! ILYSB xx

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