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Hi. I’m Sara!

I’m an entrepreneur of sorts and have transformed my site into an all encompassing site of all I do and all I love.

The tabs at the top of the site [Gnarly Pepper • Arbonne • LOVOTO] are the businesses I run. There is detailed information within each one with dropdown menu options to show more. My Store is a variation of vintage finds, my closet for sale and unique items. My blog is (process in the making) more of my passions; travel, DIY, Videos and more!


Many events and scenarios in my life have lead me to being an entrepreneur. I never thought I’d be my own boss. Once I got the travel bug in my mid 20s there was a thing that pained my heart; 2 weeks vacation. ONLY 2 WEEKS! Our whole lives we go to school, learning nothing about financial freedom, are told to go to college, gain debt, get a job, receive a paycheck and invest in a 401k (sounds a lot like Robert Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad).

While reading many blogs about how to make more money or earn from your ‘side hustle’ I took it to the next level to immerse myself into the unknowns of business. While working at and Advertising Agency, and free evenings to do as I pleased, I decided to start a digital scrapbooking company to bring peoples printed photos into the digital world. The nights I had nothing going on, I’d scan photos, make memory videos etc. After validation from a SCGO event taking home 2nd prize – I received free office space downtown Sioux City, IA and learned how to get an LLC etc. It felt very New York, but it wasn’t enough cash flow to quit my full-time job., lovoto, about, sara, gotch, graphic design, thailand, travel,marketing,logos,greek yogurt, mayonnaise, healthy, alternative, arbonne

Through my experiences of starting LOVOTO LLC (pronounced; LOW-VO-TOE) I wanted to help other start-ups in the community. I attached myself to a company called Backside Billboards. I was developing marketing materials, logos etc. in exchange for a % of their sales. Overviewing my time invested, I stood back and thought…if I can create all this for Backside Billboards then I could do it for myself…I have ideas of my own… I should be investing in myself!

I went to my phone and pulled up my 90 some odd ideas jotted down. I narrowed my top ideas down to ones I thought I’d be most upset if someone started before me. Which led to… GNARLY PEPPER!

Throughout my experiences; networking events, pitching on stage, cold calling stores, you name it – I have sweated, laughed, cried, anxiety through the roof all of it — but at the end of the day as my husband would quote, MN Football coach PJ Fleck, “IS IT WORTH IT!?” 100% everything is worth it. I have learned SO MUCH in 3 years than anyone could ever teach in class or via podcasts.

To expand my business knowledge if you will, I have decided to become an Independent Consultant for ARBONNE. As Robert Kiyosaki said in an interview with Eric Worre, “Social Marketing is a learning tool of how to build an entrepreneurial spirit.” Being my own boss for Gnarly Pepper has ups and downs. Some downs are; I’m alone in decisions, I have to build all my materials, call upon my insurance, tax etc. With ARBONNE, the tools are right there – all you have to do is execute. Learning how to execute and approach with the desire to help people is a game changer in learning business. I want to be the best I can be, and the only way to do that is to receive and retain the tools available. It’s amazing how your mindset can become who you are. If you want to succeed, you will surround yourself with actions and tools to help you be successful.

I’m excited to share my experiences, my highs and lows, my failures and achievements and hopefully help you in the process. I’m an advocate for healthy living and am thrilled to tie the two together along my journey.


I’m a big believer in the stars and sweet baby Jesus and as my journey unfolds, I reach a higher understanding of us being on this earth, but – what is my purpose?? What is your purpose!? Meditation, visualization and visionary leaders (Deepak Chopra) have helped me see myself for ME. I’m still trying to find my full purpose, maybe it’s providing a healthier mayonnaise alternative to you all, but I believe there is more. Enjoy your time on this earth, take more time off, find your happy place, be positive and spread joy and love. Make it your BEST LIFE.

<< My Favorite place in the whole world.


I have been a creative most of my life. I enjoyed taking phone calls at the age of 4 and experimenting in the kitchen at age 2. Paper crafts, coloring and doodling were my strong suits. I grew up in Nebraska with an older brother that always included me, wonderful caring parents & grandparents that were a bike ride away.

I was active playing sports; Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Scoop Ball, Skip-it and Track. I would always play ‘school’, thought I’d be a teacher someday. I made homemade movies and SNL style skits with my friends. I can play a mean game of pinochle.

I attended college at the University of South Dakota. Majored in Fine Arts; emphasis in Graphic Design, Minor in Creative Writing. I worked a lot in college, mainly in the food industry; serving and bartending.

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I’m newly married to my best friend. From 2017-2019 we traveled for his work (think traveling ‘nurse’, but he’s not a nurse). We lived in Manchester, NH in the fall – hello Kancamagus Highway! Next, we lived in Santa Clara, CA – hello Silicon Valley & Big Sur! After a month long trip to Thailand, we ventured to Milwaukee, WI – hello Brewers & Bradford Beach! Last travel stop, Duluth, MN – hello Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge! We currently reside in Iowa. In our free time we like to hit up local breweries, play Chinese checkers & cook it up in the kitchen.