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LOVOTO (pronounced; LOW-VO-TOE) is an ideation focused company that excels in creative visual & performance indicators that allows us to hone in on our mission: to expand ideas, guide start-ups, and move hearts, minds and brands forward. We believe Visual Aspects, Communication, Strategy and Performance all go hand-in-hand. We pride ourselves in seeing your process all the way through, but are able to give you light where you need it most.


Steve Harvey

At LOVOTO we are big believers in ideas. We’d maybe even argue that all ideas are gold. There is just a finesse and agility needed for each idea. Do you have what it takes to take this idea to the level it needs? Perhaps Shark Tank ruined it for everyone… people just buy great ideas right? In short, NO, not at all; “people” buy brands, they buy community, authenticity, a story, progression… and above all, PROOF of sales. So again, do you have what it takes? Let us help you navigate all the efforts ahead of your idea/business and filter through the good, bad, possible and success. This company itself began on ‘What if?’ What if I do this and fail? What if I DON’T DO THIS and regret it…


Roy T. Bennet



You have an idea! Great! We can help you in the early stages of expanding on your idea and navigating your best course of action.


We are here to help guide you in finding your Value Proposition, your ‘Why’, your brands voice, story and feel. Within that will come your target market, sales channels, and more!


Product, Brand, service you name it, 99.9% of the time people spend their money based on relatability, trust and emotion. Let’s make people cry...happy tears of course.


Stay focused on the mindset of the customer. Make it a no brainer for people to spend money with you and above all, to keep coming back!

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Sara is a creative of sorts where many events and scenarios in her life have led her to being an entrepreneur. Once she got the travel bug in her mid 20s there was a thing that pained her; 2 weeks vacation and 9-5 hibbie jibbies.

While reading many blogs about how to make more money or earn from your ‘side hustle’ she took it to the next level to immerse myself into the unknowns of business. In 2013 Sara decided to take advantage of her free evenings after her (cough) 9-5 to start LOVOTO, which back then was a digital scrapbooking company. The company now has since morphed into a collaboration of all of her talents; ideation, branding & Amazon.

Through her experiences of starting LOVOTO, Sara knew almost immediately that she wanted to help other start-ups. She went as far as offering free marketing services in exchange for a percent of potential sales. While overviewing her time invested in helping others, she thought- WAIT A MINUTE, Me! I Need to INVEST IN ME! So she started Gnarly Pepper, a custom spice blend company that pairs products with plain Greek yogurt for the healthier, savory alternative to traditional dips and condiments.

From being a winner of several pitch events, participating in investor events and accelerators from coast-to-coast, she remained humble, but understood, FINALLY – Hey… I really do know a thing or two about all of this.

And here we are.

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