Welcome to LOVOTO Creative Collab!

I’m Sara, founder of LOVOTO Creative Collab. LOVOTO (pronounced; low-vo-toe) is an all encompassing company embodying everything I love. LOVOTO originally started out as a Digital Scrapbooking company, scanning all the photos scattered about through the years and bringing them into the digital age. We can still help with that, but I’d much rather focus on the creative 🙂

I have over 12 years of experience. I’m not your friends’ cousin’s daughter who took a graphics class.

I worked for a renowned Advertising Agency for 6 years. I was able to work on projects that pertained to health/medical, casino/entertainment, industrial/equipment, charitable/non-profits & more. Since branching out on my own, I have built a company, Gnarly Pepper, from the ground up. I have created the logo, website, materials, packaging, photography, video and more. Alongside starting Gnarly Pepper, I have worked with many other individual businesses such as; lawn care, construction, dentistry, chiropractic and more.

Though we focus on the business portion of branding, scaling, etc., we have a large range of personal services as well.

LOVOTO Creative Collab was created to help with any needs from graphic design, amazon listings to portrait help. I like to work with my hands, not just a computer. If you need a logo, we can help you with that. If you need Amazon catalog management, of course, we got you. If you need a personalized painting of your dog, we can help you with that too! If you’re wondering the question… please, just ask!

I hope you get creative with us!