Welcome to LOVOTO Creative Design!

I’m Sara, founder of LOVOTO Creative Design. LOVOTO (pronounced; low-vo-toe) originally started out as a Digital Scrapbooking company, scanning all the photos scattered about through the years and bringing them into the digital age. We still provide this service at a much smaller degree, but have transitioned it into everything creative.

Hence the new website design. The URL is lovoto.co which was only design, but since branching out into my entrepreneurial spirit, I wanted one location that shares all of my interests and endeavors. The ‘design’ portion of this site is a professional creative design company (LOVOTO LLC) that can help with any of your needs.

I personally have always been a creative. I attended the University of South Dakota BFA Fine Arts; emphasis in Graphic Design with a minor in creative writing. I have worked at a well known agency in Sioux City, IA for 6 years gaining a great amount of client experience. As a young girl I was developing recipes, making up origami, snapping fun photos, video recording lightening and always sketching. As I got older even past college, I’ve kept some of the creative; mainly through graphic design, but damnit I miss being the carefree spirit. Branching LOVOTO out to anything and everything has helped reopen my love — and I hope you join me on any of your needs.

LOVOTO Creative Design was created to help with any needs from graphic design to portrait help. I like to work with my hands, not just a computer. If you need a logo, we can help you with that. If you need a personalized painting of your dog, we can help you with that too. If you’re wondering the question… please, just ask!

I hope you get creative with us!