Why Arbonne?

I want to expand on new healthy lifestyle aspects outside of food; Gnarly Pepper 🙂 & fitness. I want to continue to grow as an individual in a business setting of sales to further educate myself within a community of brilliant like-minded people.

I never adopted a brand for baseline products in my life, and I definitely didn't do any research. Once I was introduced to Arbonne, I was intrigued by their wholesomeness, being a B Corp (HOLY SMOKES!) & having quality products in all categories that I found fit for my life; skincare, nutrition, makeup and more. Soon after my first few purchases while being a preferred customer, I found myself taking quarter size uses of my current (non-Arbonne) face wash to get RID OF IT FASTER so I could jump on the RE9 wagon!

Below is my past journey of skincare, makeup & nutrition.

I bet many of you can relate. It's just funny how without any knowledge, education or care with what's going in or on our body results in to taking all the 'freebies'!


• Oxy pads; because I loved the way it felt after; like a burning refreshment of what I assumed clean to be.

• MaryKay something or other, because my mom was told I should try it.

• Clinique Face Wash because I got a free sample bag of products.




• L'Oréal, Maybelline HELLO Walgreens wall of beauty! Whatever my lifegaurding job would get me!

• Clinique because they did FREE prom makeup! Well gosh, I'd feel bad leaving without buying anything...

• Sephora (& brands within) ONCE AGAIN... If you spend $50 or more in the store you get a free makeover!  Knowing I was going to stock up on god-knows-what, I'd get the 'makeover' to see what products worked best for my skin...BY APPEARANCE...not quality.





• Advocare; worked fine for the time being, but I never felt apart of a community -- faded very fast.

• Free samples from my husbands GNC monthly sample box. YIKES!

• Whatever my husband had for pre-workout and post-workout in the cupboard. DOUBLE YIKES!



Above is MY EXPERIENCE showcasing that I never had a go-to place for some of the most pristine items for my everyday life. I know I mentioned some brand names, and I'm in no way bashing them or making claims, they just simply weren't what worked for ME.


As I turned 30 I told myself; okay Sara... It is time to start washing your face... Literally you guys, I would wash my face properly in the shower whether it be morning or night; in lieu of a morning shower, I was ONLY removing my makeup at night with a washcloth and water!!!!! Tugging, pulling, scraping my skin day after day. I have just recently started washing my face as a daily routine THIS YEAR!

I will say I held back on the BEST products for my skin and body because I had assumed that THE BEST products were far too expensive for my self-employed - all-the-money-goes-back-into-the-business-income. Now I see that is not the case. Arbonne has opened my eyes to so much good. I'm excited to share these products with you, and for you to grow and understand the good. Together we can create a community of healthy living & leadership to share with others that will bring all of us comfort.




xx - sg

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