So I went on ‘Holiday’

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Cancun Holiday 2014 from LOVOTO on Vimeo.

Not only do I love taking care of your videos and photos, I also enjoy a nice holiday – and I don’t mean Christmas, I mean VACATION!  My great friend Ben and I had the opportunity to take some time off and head south to Cancun, Mexico.  Upon our arrival – we were greeted with a cocktail, a nice map of the hotel and WHAT!? keys to the corner suite, as we liked to call ‘The Penthouse Suite’.  We quickly changed into our quiche suits and headed to the swim-up bah < yes bah, not bar. There we took shots of tequila (my first and last) and demanded we know what the ‘blue shot’ is called. From here on out it is all a blur…we met Luke and Ross and soon after- Charlie, whom was in a coma state in room 511 from a demolishing night before. Ben and I vastly knew that we were set and these 3 amazing mates would be hanging out with US the rest of the trip!  NO? Correction, Ben and I hung out with THEM! haha.  The days blur together along with the nights but once you’re in Cancun, you know it’s right!  Cheers to all the wonderful people we met and may we continue to share a long lasting friendship! I can’t stop smiling!!

*Shout out to: Wales- Lloyd, Ryan & Mark  / Minnesota Bachelor Party People / Ohio State Family / Other London folk.

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