Graphic Design
• Logo Design
• Print advertising
• Business Cards, Brochures, Menus, & more
• Creative Consulting (packaging, sales sheets, etc.)

Social Media
• Image design
• Promo pieces (giveaways, ribbon cuttings, events, etc.)
• Consulting

• WordPress
• Themes + plugins
• Initial set up
• Site training
• Images, video & copy

• Social media promo videos
• Website videos
• Events (highlight videos)
• Business Reel

Scan Photos
•  Scan the photos in the bins you haven’t touched in years
•  Scan the one copy of your Great Grandmas photos to share with the rest of your family
•  Scan your favorite photos from albums to preserve them digitally on a drive in case of disaster

Create Videos
•  Create a customized video for special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc… (25 photos is approx. 1 minute)
•  The Videos can include all of your favorite photos (print or digital) with motion transitions, copy/descriptions you wish to include, record your voice for a personal touch and your favorite songs.
•  The Videos are completely customizable for each clients need.
•  Incorporate clips of your own videos within these transition videos. (LOVOTO can transfer clips from VHS • 8mm • miniDV • and digital)
•  Spruce up office presentations

•  Customized special event cards (personalize the cards with humor, personal jokes, photos etc.)
•  Older photos that have cracks and bends
•  Enlarge photos for your event as large as 36” x 48” (not photo paper)

• Personalized Acrylic Paintings
• Consulting

is here to help, if something you need done isn’t listed above, LOVOTO may be able to still help you.