Love IS in the air…

This wonderful year of 2014 – I have so graciously been invited to nine weddings – NEIN!? one might say in Germany, but my reaction was with a giant smile and a big hooray!  I was excited and still am, more to come, to share these special days with very special people. Those special people I am referring to are simply– family. Five out of those nine weddings mentioned are cousins.  With that being said, Lovoto had a decision to make this year – and since ‘love your videos and photos’  is preached within our service, I have decided to branch out and do some videography. I am fortunate to have a family that appreciates memories as much as I do.  Below is a trailer of my wonderful cousin Cory and his beautiful wife Nikki on their wedding day May 31, 2014. Love is truly in the air. Enjoy!  (song credit: Bloom by The Paper Kites)

Cory & Nikki Gotch Wedding from LOVOTO on Vimeo.

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