London Trip 2014

What a trip! or maybe WHAT A YEAR!! I’m one that believes in ‘things happening for a reason’ and this year was proof. A random trip to Cancun, Mexico in March had led Ben and I to meet some of the most fun, energetic, kind people of the UK. Before leaving Mexico there was discussion about Ben and I traveling to the UK to visit them. We never knew for sure if they believed that we were coming – but upon booking we were so excited to see everyone again!!  We couldn’t have asked for better hospitality, help with directions and train connections, and overall just a great time.  Thank you for inviting us into your homes, messing up your day to day routine, allowing us to sleep in beds, putting up with possible roommates that maybe wanted to kill us, your water, your food, your living room storage area, driving us around, being touristy with us, EVERYTHING! Please know that you are always welcome to the MIDWEST, US anytime and we will return the favor!! Enjoy the video – these certainly are ‘The Days’.

Couldn’t be happier,

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